scratching board for cats Recycle-Cat

Where is the cats´ favourite scratching place? The sofa of course.
Therefore, we got inspired and developped the scratch board for cats RECYCLE-CAT integrating the material of recycled coffee-sacks in its surface.
Each coffee-sack is unique, nevertheless we focus on 3 lines:
– Flower,
– Café do Brasil and
– Green.

There is a replacement board available for the inner part of the cat scratching board if Kitty has done it´s best.

Size of the board: 40x60x2 cm
Material: Jute (recycled coffee-sacks), plywood, foam

Size including frame: 40x65x4,5 cm
Material: Pinewood

Delivery time: 2 weeks

Please choose one of the three designs:


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Just like your sofa – the scratching board for cats RECYCLE-CAT is irresistible to their claws.
The board consists of a strong plate of plywood covered with a layer of foam. On top it is upholstered with jute from recycled coffee sacks which has gone through a process of refining, finished and underlaid with a layer of cotton to achieve the necessary strength.
The cat can go into the fabric for a really strong scratch – and that is what they are looking for !
Although the coffee sacks have the same design, they are all unique in their own way. Every sack has its own history so colour and colour intensity are unique. Inspiration comes from every individual piece of fabric. Depending on its´ character we decide spontaneously which section we use for the scratching board and in which format.
Each piece of material is carefully assessed for its´ suitability before it becomes upholstery.
Nevertheless we have 3 basic designs
– Green
– Do Brasil
– Flower
The scratching board for cats RECYCLING-CAT is decorated with several elements to play:
– a bag within which you can hide a cloth with catnip (all models)
– a tunnel with tubes to hide plush mice of treats (Model Green)
– a bag which is open on both sides (Model flower and Café do Brasil).

The inner part of the scratching board can be replaced in case it is dirty or Kitty has done its best on it. All three designs are available for replacement. Please have a view at the replacement board for the cat – scratcher RECYCLE-CAT.
The scrating board for cats RECYCLE- CAT is handmade in Barcelona.

RECYCLE-CAT stands in a frame, handmade from pinewood. The frame has a support so it is possible to place it in a variety of positions to satisfy all scratching possibilities be it laying in the floor, standing up at an angle or leaning against the wall.
The frame is handmade in a workshop close to Barcelona using traditional techniques. There are no metal nails used, apart from a little loop holding the chain to vary the angle so is therefore cat-safe at all aspects.
We deliver the scratching board for cats RECYCLE-CAT without the toys you see on the photos.

Design of the scratch-board RECYCLE-CAT

Café do brasil, Flower, Green