Cats love higher viewpoints from where they can see their surroundings. Apart from high cat-scratchers and special wall-mounted cat-shelves there are a lot of possibilities to design a secure way up to the viewpoint. Don’t worry it doesn’t necessarily need to be the curtains!

There are a lot of solutions and a good start for catifying (see blog “Catification”)  the house, is to check the cat-stairs which are already there: Closets, libraries, shelves that may help to open the vertical world for your little tiger.

Smaller shelves which work as stairs to the closet, wall-mounted cat-shelves to chill or a whole climbing system – there are a lot of possibilities to open up the space and to make the home more cat-friendly and spacier.

The adequate style depends on the interior design of the house but also from the character and customs of the feline habitants.