Cats need activities. If not they dedicate energy to curtains or toilette-rolls. Instinctively they want to chase, which means they observe and stalk prey and try to chase them out of corners and hideaways. This is their cat-job and we should respect it and prepare some games and toys for cats (Please have a view at the blog-article “Catification”).

The-Cat-Design has developed two toys for cats which are even skilled games: Both are handmade boxes of wood. The upper side of the boxes consists of wooden strips with spaces in between, which are big enough to let in a cat-paw. The cat-toy box KITTY-FLIPPER has a closed bottom. Therefore, Kitty can chase between the strips for treats or plush-mice. The cat-toy box ALL-AROUND has wooden strips on the lower side as well to stand up and be used from both sides. Kitty can play on both sides or with another cat.