As a member of the species Felidae your cat is able to sleep up to 16 hours per day…. Let us prepare them cosy places and cat-beds of comfortable materials to chill out.

They love protected places, sunny and warm, even elevated places from where they have the overview over the surroundings.
There is a big selection of cat-cushions, cat-beds, cat-shelves or high cat-scratchers. The material should be smooth, easy to clean and strong enough to stand Kitty stretching and pulling out its claws
Nevertheless, there are Cat-yogis as well who prefer a hard shelf over everything else.

Sleeping all day long

Cats do not really sleep … they prepare themselves for dawn. This is time to chase, organize food and chat other cats up. The cat consumes a lot of energy in a short time due to its chasing technique and needs to recover during the day by sleeping and chilling out. So slobbing around makes sense in the cat´s life and chasing behaviour
Most cats like to change their beds from time to time and choose even the strangest places to sleep. Offering them another cat-bed is a nice change in their routine. Natural materials provide even better comfort for Kittie´s sleep.

PApERBED a bed with lots of posibilities

PAPERBED is a flexible cat-bed made of vegan material consisting of a mixture of latex and cellulose.

A color for every taste and  a good cushion for commodity

The cat-bed PAPERBED includes a kneading cushion. Therefore, the cat can feel really comfortable and secure.

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