Cats require at least one quiet place in their territory, a cat-bed, cat-cave or a little covered corner where nobody disturbs them. Where they retire discretely, relax and sleep quietly. Interestingly this place can be in the centre of family-life. But there is an imaginary sign in front: Do not disturb!!! Relaxing Cat.


It is very important for the wellbeing of our cats to have a secure place in their territory, where they feel secure to recover and relax. Perfect places are cat-baskets, cat-caves and places on higher posts like cat-shelves or higher cat-scratchers and trees (please see „conquer walls“).

cueva para gatos african dream de The-Cat-Design con gato

As well as specially designed cat-furniture we can find a lot of opportunities in furniture, that is not primarily designed for cats, but turns out to be very cat-friendly. As they offer places for a cat-bed or cat-cushion on a shelf or, like the lounge-chair POCKET CHAIR, a very special retreat under the seat.
We will find a variety of materials, the more natural they are, the better: Felt, wicker, palm-leaves, wood without a chemical treatment and fabric without chemical additives guarantees healthy comfort for both the cat and Hoomen.

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