replacement cat-scratcher RECYCLE-CAT

If Kitty really has done it´s best on the scratch-board, we can replace the inner part.
The inside plate of the scratch board can be carefully pushed out of the frame and can be replaced by a new one.
We only deliver the replacement board to customers of the RECYCLE-CAT scratch board, as it needs the frame for stability.
These three designs are available:
– Café do Brasil
– Green
– Flower


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The inner part of the scratch – board RECYCLE-CAT can be carefully pushed out of the frame. It can be replaced by a new one in case it is dirty or too scratched.
The base of the replacement scratch – board consists of a strong plate of plywood which is upholstered with a layer of foam. It is covered by jute from recycled coffee sacks. The jute material has gone through a process of refining and finishing to make it smooth but strong enough at the same time to resist Kittie´s claw.
The cat can go with its claw into the fabric for a really strong scratch and this is the movement they are looking for if it is about cat-scratchers.
The replacement scratch – boards are all unique as every recycled coffee-sack has its own story and the inspiration comes from every individual piece of fabric.
Nevertheless we have 3 basic designs
– Green
– Do Brasil
– Flower
The scratching board for cats RECYCLING-CAT is decorated with several elements to play:
– a bag within which you can hide a cloth with catnip (all models)
– a tunnel with tubes to hide plush mice of treats (model Green)
– a bag which is open on both sides (model flower and Café do Brasil).
The scratching board for cats RECYCLE- CAT is handmade in Barcelona.

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Dimensions 40 × 60 × 5 cm
recambio recycle cat

Café do Brasil, Flower, Green