Wallmounted cat-shelf Chill de Luxe by Cozy and Dozy

Chill de Luxe, the wall-mounted cat-shelf satisfies both the cat´s and humans desires: Cats love higher places to survey their surroundings, feel secure and cosy and at the same time humans can decorate the house with a classically-designed, elegant piece of furniture for the cat.
Cats can curl up on a shelf of 90×40 cm, plenty of space for our feline friends to make themselves comfortable. The cushion is 3 cm high, smooth and cosy and easy to fix and replace because of the button fastenings. The shelf carries up to 25 kg, so several cats can chill together.
The cat-shelf CHILL DE LUXE is available in 4 different colours:
Maple, Walnut, Wenge and Eco-soaped beech, a selection chosen to suit in any interior.
Depending on the cat´s character and particular furnishings of the house, you can choose between several types and colours of fabric:
SOFT fabric colours: Cappuccino, Grey, White
SMOOTH fabric colours: Light Brown, Dark Grey
ELEGANT fabric colours: Rose Grey, Green, Red

Size: 90 x 40 cm
Material: beech plywood
Delivery time: 3 weeks


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By instinct cats adore higher places, they feel safe and cosy and can survey their territory from a secure vantage point (see blog “Catification”). The wall-mounted cat-shelf CHILL DE LUXE  COZY AND DOZY fulfils their desire to climb to an elevated position and feel like a little tiger. Aside from just chilling-out, the wall-mounted cat-furniture invites the cat to move, climb and jump thus maintaining fitness and health even for indoor cats.
But this cat furniture is not just for Kitties: Even humans will be delighted with the clear and elegant design. The wall – mounted cat-shelf CHILL DE LUXE has the form of a wave fitting smoothly to the wall. The base is made of beech plywood, available in several attractive colours. The cushion is fixed easily with buttons to the shelf and easy to replace in case your interior décor changes.
Thanks to the variety of different shades of wood, the selection of different fabrics and colours and the elegant shape, CHILL DE LUXE matches any style of interior decoration.
Carrying up to 25 kg per shelf CHILL DE LUXE ensures one or more cat will feel at home or even a bunch of kittens

The wall mounted cat-shelf is easy to assemble. CHILL DE LUXE will be delivered with two universal pins and brackets for easy mounting. 


Dark Grey, Green, Grey, Light Brown, Light Capuccino, Light Grey, Red


Maple, Walnut, Wenge