POCKET CHAIR – cocooing with human

POCKET CHAIR – the lounge chair with place for little treasures.

The lounge-chair POCKET CHAIR is a beautiful and discrete piece of furniture for cats and humans. Cats who love to be close to their Human will find the extra space under the seat, the perfect place to hide-away and cocoon. Putting a little cushion in the chair as scent soaker will afford them even greater confort.

Height: 83 cm, width: 79 cm, length: 62 cm

Size seat:
Height: 44, width: 55, length 51 cm.

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Pocket Chair by Blǻ Station and Stone Design: A decorative piece of furniture for cats and Humans alike.

The two designers Eva Prego and Cutu Mazuelo of Stone Design received the inspiration for the Pocket Chair in a restaurant. Guests would put their bags, gloves, motorcycle helmets on the table to prevent them from getting dirty or damaged on the floor. There was a discrete storage space missing for every-day belongings people would carry with them to restaurants, bars, lobbies or offices. At home the POCKET CHAIR is an elegant lounge chair and the new hide-away within which the cat can cocoon itself.

The POCKET CHAIR has a cup-like form with short, angled legs. The shell extends slightly upwards.
The filling of the chair is made of the eco-friendly material PurCore, covered with foam. There are several different materials for the inner and outer shell available, made of leather or wool fabrics. The feet of the POCKET CHAIR are available in two alternatives: powder coated or chromed steel.
POCKET CHAIR is a product of the cooperation between the Swedisch Design-manufacuturer Blǻ Station and the Spanish designers Stone Design. It was presented for the 1st time on Milan Furniture Fair 2017.

More information and sources of supply: http://www.blastation.com