Cat toy KITTY-FLIPPER, playing pinball with treats

Kitty-Flipper, the interactive toy for your feline friend.
Your cat can reach with its paw in between the little wooden panels for a plush mouse or treat and try to extract it or push it around the box like pinball.
Thanks to the attention to detail and superior craftmanship the handmade, wooden toy box is as well a decorative piece for your home.


Size: 32 x 16 x 7,5 cm
Material: pinewood
Delivery time: 2 weeks


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The cat-toy KITTY-FLIPPER challenges Kittie to hone its hunting skills, snagging treats and plush mice (see blog article Catification) as they would do in nature and then enjoy the fruits of their labour after a successful hunt.
Both ends of the cat- toy box are removeable and the Kitty-Flipper is easy to refill, once it has been emptied by the cat. We carved little cat-ears in both the ends for decoration but as little feet as well. If you turn the toy box around it stands on the ears and little cats can lay on it.
Kitty-Flipper is hand-made with a lot of love and attention to detail, especially for cats in a carpentry workshop close to Barcelona. The wooden panels are integrated in the side-panels, the corners are glued. We decided not to varnish it and so the wood remains in its´ natural state so kittie can enjoy his treats without fear of contamination.
The cat-toy box KITTY-FLIPPER will be delivered without the toys on the photos.