Cat-toy ALL-AROUND sneaking for treats in a wooden box

The wooden box ALL-AROUND is an interactive toy for one or more cats and even a beautiful decorative piece of craftmanship that you would enjoy having in your living room.

size: 32 x 16 x 7,5 cm
material: pinewood
delivery time: 2 weeks


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The interactive cat-toy ALL-AROUND is hand made encorporating wooden panels on the upper and lower sides. The ends of the box are designed to look like cat-ears and are removeable in order to easily refill the box once emptied by the cats. You can put plush mice, smaller toys or a ball inside which the cat will try to extract with it´s claws between the panels. Place the box upright and one cat or more can play from both sides at the same time. ALL-AROUND is an interactive cat-toy which invites the cat to employ their natural instincts. The act of pulling little hidden prey out of the corner is part of its natural hunting behaviour (see the blog article Catification).
The cat-toy ALL-AROUND is hand-made out of Pinewood with a passion for detail. The panels are integrated (joined) to the sides, the corners of the box Eare glued. The local carpenter who resides close to Barcelona and builds the box, works with traditional arts and craft techniques and uses only natural materials. The Wood is un-treated and completely natural. So Kitty can have fun and enjoy treats without fear of any adverse issues relating to chemically treated wood.
We deliver the cat-toy ALL-AROUND without the toys on the photos.