Cat-scratcher BLUE LAGOON

The scratch-board BLUE LAGOON adds colour to your home.
On a spacious surface of 40 cm x 70 cm Kitty can scratch as much as it likes. Depending on it´s preferences the scratch – board for cats can be rested in different positions. It can be laid on the floor or put up at an angle.

The Jute material is beautifully coloured in blue/green/aquamarine. Therefore, BLUE LAGOON is an eye-catching addition to any interior.

Size: 40 x 70 x 2 cm
material: Jute, plywood

size with frame: 40 x 74 x 4,5 cm
Material of the frame: pine-wood

Delivery time: 2 weeks


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The natural jute twine of the scratch-board for cats BLUE LAGOON has an irregular weave and has a strong and resistant structure. This invites the cat to scratch and pull to its´ hearts content. The scratching surface is fixed on a plywood board of two cm.
BLUE LAGOON has a wooden frame made of pine-wood, gently shaded with white. The frame is handmade at a small carpenter´s workshop close to Barcelona and has some unique detail. The carpenter responsible uses only traditional carpentry techniques for a truly unique piece of cat furniture. The frame has been manufactured without screws. Instead using traditional wooden dowels. The only screws hold a little chain to secure the frame at an angle when so desired. The scratch-board for cats can be laid on the floor, leaned against the wall or rested independently at an angle all depending on cats´ scratching preferences.
The handmade scratch-board BLUE LAGOON compliments very well, PAPERBED in light colours, or the scratch-cushion BLUE LAGOON.