scratch – cusion for cats BLUE-LAGOON

The scratch – cushion for cats BLUE LAGOON is a colourful addition to the home for both cats and humans.
It is made of blue coloured jute and the material is firm enough to stand Kittie´s claw stretching and kneading. At the same time it is smooth, so Kittie can enjoy relaxing or nuzzling.
There are several elements to play on the upper part: A little bag for a cloth with catnip, a play-bow and a double tunnel to hide treats or toys. (The tunnel is available with ornaments in blue or beige to choose).

Material: Jute and cotton
Format: 50 x 50 cm
Inner cushion: inlet 100 % cotton, filling: Cork

Colour of the ornament to choose: Blue or Beige

Delivery time: 2 weeks


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The scratch – cushion for cats BLUE LAGOON is made of blue coloured jute and the material is interwoven with a layer of cotton. Therefore, the material retains its´ resistance but at the same time becomes flexible and smooth for use as a cushion.
We have decorated the scratch cushion for cats with several elements to play: A little bag to put a cushion or cloth with catnip or Valeriana to smell and relax. A colourful bow to play with and a double tunnel to hide plush mice and treats to search and chase them. The tunnel is decorated in two different colours to choose (beige and blue).
The scratch – cushion for cats is washable by hand in tepid water and should be air-dried on an open laundry rack. It can be ironed from the underside on medium temperature. BLUE LAGOON comes with an inner cushion made of cotton and filled with cork, a natural material. So Kitty feels like in the garden. The inner cushion can be washed as well in tepid water and dried on a laundry-rack. It should be shaken up while drying on the rack, so the cork slices got separated from each other.
We manufacture the scratch pillow for cats by hand in a workshop in Barcelona as well as the inlet.
The cushion will be delivered without the toys you see on the photos.
Due to its soothing and attractive light blue colour the scratch-cushion for cats BLUE LAGOON is an attractive addition to any home that can be enjoyed by cats and humans alike, regardless of the interior décor. It matches with most of our products as well.

Color of the ribbon

Beige, Blue