The round cat-basket AFRICAN DREAN is the place to cocoon close to the family or to play with the cluster cats.
It is handmade in Africa and is exceptionally decorative for any home.


Size:50 cm diameter
Colour: natural colour
Delivery time: 2 weeks



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The cat cave AFRICAN DREAM has a relatively small base in the middle and the cat can move the basket if it so desires. Especially Kittens love to roll the basket within the cluster.
To stabilise the cat cave it is possible to secure it using the two ribbons on a hook to the wall or ceiling. The ribbons are in the upper part of the basket. If they are not required they can be made into a ball to play with or if so desired, can be removed completely.
The cat-cave AFRICAN DREAM is handmade out of plaited palm leaves. Each basket is unique as every artist has her own style and design. Therefore, sizes may vary a bit. The typical form of the basket reminiscent of a calabash, which has a long tradition in Zimbabwe. Our baskets are part of a project to promote women craftsmen in Zimbabwe and each artist spends several weeks building each basket.
Cats love to hide in a secure and discreet place. For those cats that prefer to be covered, the cat-cave AFRICAN DREAM is the perfect place for cocooning (please see blog article Catification). The cat-cave is decorative and suits most interiors. Therefore, it is the perfect cocooning solution for Kitty. It is a hide-away but still incorporated into the living area of the family.
The cat-cave AFRICAN DREAM contains a cream colour cushion for kneading.