Large cat basket MEETING POINT

Come right in – there is place for all to hide and play in the huge cat-basket MEETING POINT. Thanks to its format and extraordinary form this cat-basket is an eye-catcher in every home.
Format: ca. 50 cm diameter and height
Colour: natural colour
Delivery time: 2 weeks


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The extra large cat basket MEETING POINT is a perfect hide and play for your cats. It is big enough for Kittie´s favourite pillow, its toys and blanket to hide underneath. You even can use it for some of your belongings. So, your cat may feel camouflaged by the family smell while sleeping in this cat bed.

As the name suggests – there is place for all the pets of the house – whoever wants to join for cuddling and snuggling in the big base of this large cat basket.

MEETING POINT is handmade out of plaited palm leaves. As our cat-cave AFRICAN DREAM it is manufactured in a project to promote women craftsmen in Zimbabwe. Each artist has her own style; therefore, every cat basket is unique and may vary in form and size a bit.
Thanks to its huge format and the beautiful workmanship the cat basket MEETING POINT is an attraction for all your pets at home and an eye-catcher that can be placed in the centre of your family life. It may be used to store your sofa cushions, your favourite newspaper, your slippers – everything your little Furries like to hide in.
The basket can be cleaned easily with a cloth and tepid water and some soap in case it gets dirty.

MEETING POINT will become the perfect place for Cocooning. This is Kittie´s need to hide away to be undisturbed but at the same time close to the family. You may find more information about cocooning in the article about catification in our blog. Your cat may sleep quiet in its large cat basket MEETING POINT under its favourite blanket and feel safe. At the same time, you may be able to reach out for it in case of urgency.