NEKO CAT TREE – furniture for cats or piece of art

A practical piece of cat-furniture that could equally be presented in a museum of art and design.
This was the thinking behind the design of the NEKO cat-tree. The designer Yah Komiyama has created a very unique piece of cat-furniture. Thanks to high-end materials and excellent craftsmanship, the NEKO cat-tree is a work of art and a great place for the little tiger.

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The centre of the NEKO CAT-TREE consists of a trunk covered with sisal, like a cat-scratcher. There are 3 platforms fixed to the trunk at different heights where the cat can chill and sleep.
The base of the NEKO CAT-TREE is marble, an unusual material for a cat-tree. The marble platform acts as a weight or anchor and perfectly balances the tree. The inspiration for the design comes from the observations of the designer Yoh Kamiyama, who noticed that a cat would lie down on the marble to cool itself on hot days.
The NEKO CAT-TREE is surrounded by a line of wooden cylindrical posts with space in-between that allows the cat to observe the surroundings and be protected at the same time. The posts allow light and sun through so the cat can enjoy both while laying on the platforms. Human and cat can be in the same room together but at the same time be visually separated with a degree of intimacy intact.
As the axis of rotation is built in the outer structure, it can be opened like a door for easy maintenance.
This exclusive cat-furniture is manufactured as a limited edition of 22 pieces per year. The workshop of Masaaki Ito in HIDA produces the NEKO CAT-TREE under surveillance of their cat.
The price is around 7.700,- €
The NEKO CAT-TREE is a work of art, created by Japanese designers and manufactured by very skilled craftsmen – for the little tigers.
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