teepee for cats by AVEVA DESIGN

The Teepee cat tent of AVEVA DESIGN keeps Kitty warm during the cold season.
It will become it´s hide-away for the winter, handmade of thick wool felt, Kitty walks and sleeps on air in it
The cat teepee is available in two colour combination: grey-black and rust-beige. Please choose your color.

Diameter: 45 cm
Height: 65 cm
Material: 100 % wool and birchwood
Delivery time: 2 weeks


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Cats who love to have a cat bed with roof will adore the cat teepee of AVEVA DESIGN.
It is handmade of pure wool felt in Nepal. Three strong sticks of birchwood clamp the teepee for cats to a surface of 45 cm diameter. The assembling is very easy, and you just place the additional cushion in the middle and ready is the winter paradise of the little Furry.
The cushion in the Teepee for cats of AVEVA DESIGN can be removed for a smooth cleaning, but it should not be washed of tumbled. The tepee has been manufactured without use of chemicals
Thanks to its original form and craftmanship the Cat tepee of AVEVA DEISGN is a nice eye catcher in your home and completes our collection of original and unique cat beds. Having a view at the variety of models we may ask ourselves:

How do we find the perfect cat bed?

Kitty will show us, because the choice of the cat bed depends on it´s preferences. Some like a cover when relaxing other cats prefer to keep the overview and stay ready to jump.
Observing the behaviour of your cat we may identify her expectations of a sleeping place. We can choose under
– flat cushion like the scratch-cushion RECYCLE-CAT
– bucket beds with rim where the cat can hide behind (like PAPERBED or the cat basket MEETING POINT)
– hooded beds providing a burrow where cats can nestle and be partially covered (as PAPERBED)
– cat caves that are closed ( AFRICAN DREAM) or tents for cats and tipis.

Which material are the best for a cat sleeping place?

The material should be strong, because the cat kneads and scratches during stretching. At the same time the inner part should be smooth and comfortable to nestle.
Finally, everything should be easy to clean, there are a lot of cat hair and maybe some spitting in the bed that should be cleaned easily. Natural materials will be the best as they are healthy for the cat and easy to clean as well.

Where should the cat-bed be placed?

Again, listen to your Kitty. It loves warm and discrete nooks, but the cat bed can be even placed in the middle of the family life. As long as the cat is undisturbed it feels fine. Closed o covered cat beds like cat caves of or a tent or teepee provide ease in the family trouble.

colour of the teepee

black, rust