Cat-bed Paperbed

The cat-bed PAPERBED, together with the cushion for kneading, is the perfect place to chill-out, sleep, watch Humans or just hang out.

Size: diameter: 35 cm
Height: 26 cm or 16 cm rolled
Material: cellulose and latex
Colours: light grey, anthracite, light blue, mint, copper

Kneading cushion:
Size: diameter: 35 cm.
Material: pillowcase: 100% cotton from Spain, filling: EPS
Colours: beige, light grey, blue marine, black

Delivery time: 2 weeks


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The cat-bed PAPERBED is smooth but sufficiently resistant to cats´ claws and teeth. PAPERBED consists of a soft and malleable material. The PAPERBED can be modified and shaped depending on the season or age and size of the cat. The rim of the PAPERBED can be scrolled down to change the height of the bed, in case the cat prefers to hide-away or to observe the panorama resting its head on the rim.
The material looks like leather but is a mixture of cellulose and latex, so it is vegan and eco-friendly. It is even resistant to water so the PAPERBED can be washed at low temperatures.
PAPERBED is available in 5 different colours: light grey, dark grey, light blue, light green and clay colour and blends in discretely with most interior decoration.
The cat-bed PAPERBED comes with a Kneading Cushion, to make Kitty feel at home and safe. The pillowcase is made of cotton using eco-friendly manufacturing methods in the South of Spain. The whole process from start to finish, even the fabric for the pillow is manufactured exclusively in Spain.
For the filling we follow the advice of our feline experts who highly recommend EPS for best kneading.
The kneading cushion can be washed in a washing-bag in a delicate wash cycle.


Anthrazit, Blue, Brown, Light Grey, Mint Green


Black, Grey, Marine Blue, Natural White