Kneading cushion for cats with cork filling

We bring the garden-feeling into the house by pillow fillings made of cork slices.
Cats love to knead their favourite places and this natural filling is resistant to its paws and at the same time soft to chill on it.
The kneading cushion with cork filling fits into the PAPERBED and in the cat basket AFRICAN DREAM.

Format: Diameter: 35 cm
Material cover: 100% cotton made in Spain
Material filling: slices of cork
Colours: Cream, grey, black and blue marine.

Delivery time: 2 weeks

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Developing our cat beds and cat pillows we looked at the natural behaviour of the cat: Kitten massage the belly of the mom with their paws to stimulate the milk flow. This rhythmic massaging (or kneading) is instinctive behaviour that is often associated with purring. Both express safety and well-being.
The adult cat continues with this habit and additionally marks the cushion by kneading with its own scent. So, kneading seems to be the approbation of a “good pace to be”.
When we designed the filling for our cushions for cats, we wanted to select a material that suits the cat´s instincts. So, it had to be natural and above all easy to wash, because Spitting-Kitty may get the cushion dirty easily.
So we came across an interesting material that has a long tradition in the Mediterranean as a healthy and healing pillow filling: cork.
The cork slices go through a whole process before we fill them in our round cushions made of cotton material from organic farming. The cushions can be washed by hand and must be shaken several times during drying so that the slices can separate from each other.
Even during daily use, it is recommendable to fluff the pillows.

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Black, Grey, Marine Blue, Natural White