This is an apartment for cats with a job and to be able to relax in a cat-friendly surrounding they have their own room or playground. The Bendemeer-light apartament, a 93m2 apartment in Singapore is the home of 4 cat-workers – a couple running a local cat-cafe and 2 of the 9 cats from the cafe.
It has been designed by Mr Shopper Studio (Kate Den, Ken Lee und Ben Teo) and they catified one of the bedrooms and made it cat playground. The wall between bedroom and corridor and part of the wall to the living-room have been replaced by glass walls and windows to be able to observe the cats’ activities from the kitchen and living-room.

The interior of the cat-friendly playground is professional. The owners have a cat-cafe and know exactly about cat´s needs. The cat-furniture, walking-systems, shelves, cat-scratchers and furniture for the cat-loos are made by Cat-Wheel. En las dos paredes opuestas se encuentran rascadores altos para gatos, pasillos, estantes para tumbarse o rascar. El material de los rascadores es duradero y remplazable. Los aseos para gatos se encuentran en un mueble de madera bonito abajo de la ventana.On two opposite walls high cat-scratchers, shelves and running systems are installed. The material of the scratchers is strong and replaceable. The cat-loos are hidden in a nice long bench under the window with a cute decoration in the door.


The owners of the Bendemeer-light apartment wanted a home in Scandinavian style. Furniture and decoration should be minimalistic, relaxing and easy to handle and care. To gain more day light in the apartment a kitchen-wall had been taken out and two walls of the cat-room have glass door and windows. The colours of the furniture are light, light wood with some elements of light grey (especially in the bedrooms).
The Bendemeer- light Apartment is a relaxing home for people and cats where everybody can chill out in a harmonic and light ambience.

Mr Shopper Studio:

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