Kitty feels like a little tiger strolling along in this Singapore apartment, a couple is sharing with their cat. The place is full of discrete run – ways and an amazing cat wall climbing system for the little tiger, with shelves and walk – throughs to move within the house. The designers Mr Shopper Studio have created a catfriendly surrounding and an apartment that perfectly matches the cat´s needs (and the owner`s).
The living room with sofa and TV is designed like an island and has a lower ceiling. It is delimited by a wall, a closet as partition and opposite of the closet a sofa. There are small shelves mounted on the wall, the cat uses as wall climbing system to reach its unique cat- scratcher or to jump directly on top of the closet. For the creation of this individual cat scratcher, the designers just used the existing pipe and converted it into an individual scratching post.
Using the small shelves the cat reaches the closet, which separates the living area and to which the television is attached. The kitty can run along the closet ceiling and climb through a round opening into the upper, black shelf.

This shelf board runs along the entire width of the living area and serves as a panorama element within the cat´s wall climbing system.
Kitty feels like a little tiger strolling along the long black shelf. This is the position with the best panorama over the apartment and the activities going on. The wall climbing system has an extension into the opposite room, the office (like a bridge) and the cat can cross this distance using another black shelf to cross to the office area. One wall of the office is decorated with small black shelves as well, the cat can use to descend to the floor.
An alternative way from the living area to the floor is hidden in the partition closet.  There is a round opening in the upper part of the closet and from there the cat leads to several shelves in the closet to jump down to the floor behind the closet.

After all this adventure there is a little buffet for the Kitty in the kitchen. In the lower part of the kitchen closet three compartments are installed for food-bowl and water-bowl.

Photos and more information: Mr Shopper Studio:

Author Sylvia Lucas

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