Young talents need a place. The Moscow based architects Ruetemple  created this loft with a lot of open space to work and relax and much light and room for creativity. Even a furry muse can do its own thing in this surrounding. This loft is an inspiring place for human and cats.
Primary the loft was a dead space in the annex of the house and the owner decided to reform it and turn it into a studio for his daughter. During the process of reform and gut these beautiful wooden beams appeared. Completely restored they turn out an important element of the room´s design.

The spacious and light-flooded character of the loft got preserved and only a single, even open piece of furniture divides the room into living and working areas. The furniture is a ceiling-high shelf, open on both sides, with different sized compartments that offer plenty of space for personal items. It connects the working space with the table and the living area with the couch and the stair to sofa or bed.


Thanks to the light colours and the wood the loft looks warm and cosy. Whoever shares this home with a cat does not need to worry about entertainment. The cat can jump from the shelves to the beams and create its own little Kingdom up there – or its gym, running around on the beams and jumping between the beams, shelves and tables. Cats love higher places to keep the overview, and this beam system is a paradise for them. Finally, there are many easy ways back to ground, or even better – in the bed.

This is integrated in the living area. Beside the sofa is a wall mounted loft-bed. Parts of the shelves are used as stairs to climb up to the loft-bed. The perfect place for human and cat to feel cosy.

As architects the team of Ruetemple know about the importance of an inspiring interior for your creativity and work. Therefore, they created this spacious and light place with different zones and two working areas. The first one is situated on one side of the shelf, the other one is on the long side of the room with its broad windows. Sitting behind the long table on a high bar stool with a view to the garden will inspire everybody.

This 40 m2 loft in Moscow has been created in 2015 by Ruetemple architects (Alexander Kudimov y Daria Butakhina).

Fotos: @Alexanderkudimov

Author Sylvia Lucas

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