This spacious loft is shared by a couple of collectors and their three cats. Together with the architects Haodesing they created a cat friendly home with a cat door connecting living-room and bed-room and a covered terrace for the cats.

The apartment is industrial style but at the same time cosy thanks to its design and decoration: The open living-/dining area with kitchen is decorated with industrial metal tubes hiding the heating and aircondition, metal doors and open worked dividers. In contrast to the cold material the wall behind the dining area is made of brick.

The owner are collectors, passionate about vintage style and have decorated their apartment with unique vintage-pieces: film posters, vinyl-disks, antique cameras. The library in the living area if made of warm wood and the furniture is vintage style. So, they have created an ambience similar in a cosy cinema-coffee place.
Thanks to the wide window front and the open worked metal dividers the apartment is light flooded. The living-area leads to a balcony, dining-area and kitchen are open to cat´s covered terrace. This panorama area for the Kittens reaches from the dining area to the fotographer´s dark-room and is space enough for three cats to play and enjoy their time.

recall casa by Haodesign living

gato en el wintergarden de la recall casa de haodesign

comedor y recinto para el gato del a casa Recall Casa de Haodesign

The open and spacy apartment and the elements of the industrial decoration are already inviting the cats to move and chase around the place.
Cats are welcome in the bedroom of the Recall Casa. To be able to close the bedroom door without Kittie´s favourite game of open/close doors the cats have a separate entrance to the bedroom: A little portal with a massive wooden door through the brick-wall.

Having a close view to the cat-door it really looks like a huge portal.

You can close the little wooden door to be undisturbed in the bedroom.

dormitorio con puerta para gatos de Haodesign
Vista al dormitorio con puerta para gato de Haodesign

This cat-friendly home has been created by Haodesign in  Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. With the two details of the cat door and the winter garden for the cats they have created a cosy cat friendly home for cats and humans to enjoy together.
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Fotos: Haodesign y Hey!Cheese


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