A young couple sharing apartment with her mom, her cat and their parrot in Hongkong. This family of five – even two generations and three species – want to create a cosy place for all of them on 42 m2. That sounds a bit like the remake of “Tweety and Sylvester” but SIM-PLEX DESIGN STUDIO has developed the perfect solution.

Thanks to a flexible layout of the apartment, everybody has enough space and privacy and at the same time they can use community space together:
Living- and dining area are separated by sliding doors. The upper part of the sliding doors is made of fritted glass which let the light shine through.

The dining-area is connected to the kitchen, bathroom and the smaller bedroom.
The living-area is based on a wooden platform with a lot of storage space underneath. The living-room has a long window front heading West and letting in a lot of daylight and sun. The main bedroom is connected to this living-area.
pethouse vista al salon con gato

The living-room is parrot-territory. It´s cage is based on a low cabinet in front of the window. Here it enjoys a lot of sun and views. If the sliding doors are closed the parrot can even run free.

pethouse-salón con jaula de loro

The entrance and dining-room are Kitty´s area. There is a little house beside the entrance door meant to hide the cat-toilette. It has a seat on top to sit-down for changing shoes at the entrance.
The dining-room table has been integrated in the dining-room cabinet and can be pulled out. Even the cat has its own void with a cat-hole and a walk-away.

But Kittie´s real home is the small bedroom. Here it can cocoon or romp around. One part of the closet is just for the cat with an integrated scratcher and several entrances.
The cat can jump on its own cat-ladder from a cabinet beside the bed or directly from the bed. Climbing up the little stairs it reaches the upper part of the closets – its personal control-centre and panorama point.

Thanks to the clear and natural materials and colours, the translucent doors (just the bathroom as a closed door) the apartment seems spacy. Light maple wood and grey colours have been used for the living-area and white oak wood and white colours for the dining-area of. Each area has its materials and colours but they match perfectly together.

For more information please have a view at Sim-Plex Design:


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