We are crazy about our cats and their capriciousness but the moment guests arrive to meet our gorgeous little tigers, they can get timid and disappear. The US American Architects BAAO has developed the perfect solution for a couple of booklovers and their two timid cats, sharing a beautiful townhouse in Brocklyn. They designed a library with a system of a hidden paths for cats. The large custom-made library extends along the whole side of the floor from the living area, media area and the dining room.

A library for Humans – a cat-walk for the cat

The sizes of the shelves are different, so that cats can easily move from shelf to shelf and around the library. Starting from the middle of the library there are two ledges ascending towards the two corners. At each end is a nook for the cat installed to hideaway and to access the upper floor.
The central skylight in the centre of the roof provides a lot of light, shining down through the middle of the bookshelf.

A catification library

This large cat – library provides a perfect overview of the entrance and living area for the kitties. In case guests arrive, the shelves provide an overview and a place to listen If the situation becomes insecure, the cats can disappear by one of the hidden flaps to the upper floor or they can stay in the nook under the flaps to observe what is going on and how things are going to develop.

There is a place for everyone in the “House for Booklovers and Cats”

The “House for Booklovers and Cats” extends over 3 floors. The main entrance is on the second floor, with a living area, media-area, dining room and a kitchen. There is a little staircase leading from the dining area into the garden. On the second floor there is a bedroom and a big studio, where the owner has installed her working nest which is a very special desk in the attic of the studio. A little terrace in front of the studio opens up the view to the garden.
The ground floor is a cat-free area with a guest-room and a gym.

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