Inside – Out House of Takeshi-Hosaka in Tokio

Thinking about a cat-friendly concept for a house for a couple with two cats, the Japanese architect Takeshi-Hosaka came up with an innovative idea: Instead of creating a house for humans and their cats they tried to design a space for both cats and human. .

The Inside Out house represents a house where you feel as if you are outside when you are actually inside. The limits of the inner and outer parts are broken up. This facilitates cat-friendly living because cats can enjoy the sun and wind in the house and can move in between the floors, terrace and openings. There is no need to leave the house in Tokio

The house has the form of an irregular quadrangle with two boxes inside. The bigger one contains the bedroom on the ground floor with a living-room and a kitchen on the top. In the corner opposite this box, there is a second, smaller box with a bathroom and a terrace on top.

The living-area with a living-dining area and a kitchen has sliding glass panels on two sides. If the weather is good, the owners can open up the glass window and still live under a roof but with the room open to enjoy the breeze and sun. The wall openings in the facade provide amazing views, and the openings in the roof let air and rain in for the trees growing on the ground floor.

The cats can move independently through the house and stroll around. They live with nature, trees, wind, rain and sun and views from the ledges on the wall and on the roof terrace. At the same time, they always have a roof over their head available, if they like. Between open air corridors with trees, open ledges and boxes, they can enjoy a lot of entertainment and space to move.

The ledges on the wall and roof of the corridors are open to let in the sun, wind and even the rain. Therefore, the little trees in the corridors are watered naturally by rain.

Abertura en el techo para el riego de plantas

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Photos: Koji Fujii Nacasa&Partners Inc

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